Greenbriar Animal Hospital
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Greenbriar Animal Hospital

Greenbriar Animal is a small animal veterinary clinic in Fruit Cove, Florida that specializes in promoting health through yearly checkups and preventative measures. Doctors include Dr. Richard Oglesby, Dr. Constanze Goricki, Dr. Tara Hogan, and Dr. Thomas Fish.

Greenbriar Animal Hospital

Celebrating the pet-human bond by providing customized care that suits your family's needs

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Greenbriar Animal Hospital is a small-animal practice founded by Dr. Richard M. Oglesby, DVM. Located in the heart of Julington Creek/Fruit Cove, the hospital is open Monday through Saturday. Practice owner Dr. Richard M. Oglesby and veterinarians Dr. Constanze Goricki, Dr. Tara Hogan and Dr. Thomas Fish work hard to serve our community.

A small, close-knit staff of veterinary technicians and receptionists assist the doctors in providing a personal experience for you and your pet. Greenbriar Animal Hospital offers traditional hospital and surgical services as well as boarding and innovative laser therapy.


Richard Oglesby

Services Offered

Wellness Exams

We believe that the wellness exam is the most crucial of all veterinary health components. A full exam is suggested every year for all animals, or twice yearly for geriatric patients and those suffering chronic illness. The wellness exam is a complete exam that assesses your pet's health from "nose to toes" to assure they stay healthy as they age. We also offer special kitten and puppy exams that include a detailed discussion with a technician about all the questions you may have about your new pet's maturing process. We discuss training, nutrition, vaccines, behavior, socialization and more to ensure that your puppy or kitten has a healthy first year. We also insure that you are able to choose preventatives appropriate to your pet's lifestyle.





Radiology, Ultrasound and K-Laser Therapy

We offer up-to-date digital radiography for immediate results. We can digitally send radiographs to referring specialty veterinarians if needed.  For more complicated cases, a board certified radiologist is brought on-site for ultrasounds.

K-Laser (cold therapeutic laser) is done onsite by trained technicians for pets with chronic pain or wound management problems.For questions call our facility, and check out their website: K-Laser Therapy





We offer: bathing, sanitary shaves, nail trims and dremmel nail trims, ear plucking, anal gland expression and medically appropriate shaving. We do offer shave-downs for our feline patients that do not cooperate with a groomer.


Dental care and Oral surGERY

Oral health is as fundamental to overall health for your pets as it is for you. We take pride in providing professional ultrasonic scaling, hand scaling and polishing in order to effectively treat periodontal disease. We perform full-mouth digital dental radiography with every dental cleaning to thoroughly assess the health of the oral cavity, dental roots, and bones. Depending on the severity of dental disease we extract diseased teeth or preserve vital teeth through various surgical and medical techniques. All oral surgeries require bloodwork and an I.V. catheter to ensure safe anesthesia. After each procedure we explain all the x-rays with you and create a personal dental health plan for your pet.






Surgical procedures

Spaying or neutering is often the first surgery you and your pet will experience together. This routine procedure offers both behavioral and general health benefits along with contraception control. Our veterinarians also perform growth removals, amputations, eyelid surgeries, "cherry-eye " correction, various abdominal surgeries, stomach "tacking" and more.


Vaccinations and preventatives

We individualize our vaccine protocol and preventative plans based on the needs and life-style of your pet.



You will find a comprehensive line of specialty diets for a variety of health and medical needs in our lobby.  From skin support, weight management, heart and kidney disease to joint support. We carry foods from Hill's Science Diet, Royal Canin and IAMS.  If you have a particular need, just let us know and we will special order it for you.



Only Greenbriar patients are entitled to boarding to ensure we know our boarders and their individual needs.

Felines have individual condos with multiple levels that satisfy a cat's preference for height. Our cat ward has large windows to allow plentiful light and outside views. We also use calming pherimone on towels and bedding to further reduce stress while boarding.  To see pictures of the cat boarding area, look under Facility Photos

Every dog is leash walked three times daily in our exercise yard and given lots of attention by our knowledgeable staff.  The kennel is cared for by the same technicians who work with your pets in the exam room. Our grooming area offers a quieter boarding option for our more stressed guests. Boarders are allowed to bring their own bedding,and food if they desire or are more than welcome to use ours. Every canine boarder is required a bath before exiting the hospital, so look forward to having your dog's nails clipped and ears cleaned before coming home smelling wonderful.



Our laboratory area includes the Idexx VetLab Station, which is comprised of an Idexx LaserCyte CBC machine, Catalyst DX machine for in-house chemistry and electrolyte analysis, a hematocrit centrifuge, Sedivue urinalysis reader. Manylaboratory tests can be completed within 30 minutes from sample collection. In case of other laboratory needs samples are sent to Idexx.  Fecal analysis and heartworm and tick testing, ear and skin cytologies, and "lump inventories" are done to identify cancerous versus benign growths.





Emergency Care

All of our staff are fully trained to handle emergency situations. We have an ICU unit to hospitalize your sick pet. We also have a close working relationship with several E.R.s so treatment continuation is possible beyond our operational hours. If your pet is experiencing an emergency and time allows, please call ahead even from the car.



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