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Surgery Discharge

Surgery Discharge instructions

Dear Family;

The staff here at Greenbriar Animal Hospital tried to tell me what to do for the next few days to recover from surgery, but I was groggy, so I asked them to write it down for you. Here are a few favors that I need from you for the next few days.

First: I had anesthesia today, I can only be given small amounts of food and water at a time until tomorrow morning or I may vomit it all right back up. I can go back to my regular eating routine tomorrow morning.

Second: I may look steady, but my balance is just not back to normal yet. Please limit my exercise for 7-10 days.  Walk me outside tonight instead of just letting me go out by myself in the yard. And please don't let me run through the house or up and down steps, as I may fall and hurt myself. I may not have a bowel movement today.  If you have questions about my grogginess or stools, please call my doctor.

Third: Do NOT let me lick or scratch at my incision.  If I am persistent in my endeavors to lick or scratch these stitches/incision, call the doctor. The doctor can suggest some ways to make me stop or even dispense medication or an elizabethan collar to help. Please watch this closely.  NO BATHS or swimming for 10 days (or until 24 hours post-suture removal).  The incision can be gently cleaned with warm water and mild soap if needed, but it is best to let it heal naturally.

Fourth:  If I have a bandage on my leg, please remove it.  It is from my I.V. catheter site.

Fifth: Elizabethan collar is needed to stop your pet from bothering the suture site.
                     Please use it according to the instructions given. 

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. However, if you need assistance with my care after regular office hours, here are the numbers to the Emergency Clinics:
        Greenbriar Animal Hospital          (904) 287-5570
        Clay-Duval Pet Emergency Clinic (904) 264-8281
        AVS Southside Emergency Clinic(904) 642-5911
        Vet i Care Mandarin Emergency     (904) 268-0399